...and what it could mean for your life path.

The moon since the beginning of time has been symbol for the menstrual cycle, fertility, reproduction and birth and the physical and emotional rhythms we women transition through from month to month.

Not only for women, but in Nature at whole.

It's not out of coincidence that menstrual cycle is also known as "Moon Cycle" to underline the direct correlation we have with the moon.

Women have been looking to the sky for cues about their fertility for ages, and it’s even believed that the first calendars were created as a result of charting ovulation and menstruation.


As the Moon is the primary force that influences the waters and the tides on Earth, she also influences the tides and waters within us as well.

And as humans, we are made of 50-75% water.

And think about it, a full lunar cycle lasts from one new moon to the next and takes 29.5 days. The average (healthy) menstrual cycle is also around 29-30 days long.

3D render of how the tides are influenced by the moon.


In ancient times... Before the advent and overstimulation of artificial light in the world, the only two sources of light available for us were just from the Sun and the Moon.

Today, we have literally millions of light sources stimulating and stressing our hypothalamus and the pineal gland (two endocrine glands in the brain), to make us stay awake whenever we are exposed to any source of light.

When our circadian rhythm (the 24-hour sleep/wake cycle), is altered by the over-stimuli of light, our hormones will be greatly impacted by this, thus, one big reason for making us fall out of rhythm with our own selves and the cycles of nature.

So definitely one way to return to a state of harmony is to set a boundary on when to switch off screens and artificial light exposure every day (for example at least 2 - 3 hours before bed time).

I wholeheartedly believe that if we’re going to heal our wombs, we have to return to nature. And returning to nature means also returning to this deep remembrance of living together with the rhythm of the Moon Cycles.

So just the act of tracking down your own cycle (either through an app or marking it down in your own dedicated agenda) and seeing where it falls according to the moon cycles can give you already some information and you are communicating with your body the desire to sync up with the flow of nature.

Generally, after keeping track of your body’s cycles for a 2 - 3 months, (that's actually exactly the time it took me to sync up my cycle with the Full Moon), you’ll know whether you tend to menstruate around the new moon — the beginning of the lunar cycle — or the full moon, which is the end of the month’s lunar cycle, or the waxing and waning periods in between.


What is interesting to know is that there’s more than one way for our cycles to synchronise with the Moon, there are actually 4.

These 4 CYCLES are:


It's really useful to know in which phase you're in and compare it also with the phase in which you are in your cycle, to have a sort of insight of what you may be going through in your life. Read along and see if any of this information rings true to you.

In the White Moon Cycle the woman bleeds with the new moon and ovulates with the full moon.

If this is you, you follow the natural cycles of the Earth.

When the moon goes dark, so do you through your period, and your body and spirit withdraw into rest and inward focus.

When the moon is full and bright, so are you through follicular or ovulation energy, filled with fertile energy to be out in the world shining your light.

Your body acts as a perfect mirror for the fertility of the Earth, since the Earth herself is most fertile under the light of the full moon.

We know this also because of biodynamic farming practices, which show that when seeds are planted by the full moon, harvests are most abundant, most flowers and plants follow these same cycles too.

Traditionally this cycle is considered to be the cycle of the Nurturer or Mother archetype, as the White Moon women were the ‘good mothers’ birthing and nurturing their inner circles, their babies into being and caring for their homes, community and families. 

If you’re on a White Moon cycle, here are some questions you can ask yourself:

  • Are you desiring children?
  • Do you spend a lot of time mothering other people?
  • If you don’t have your own children, do you take on the role of nurturer in your relationships?


If you ovulate with the full moon your fertile powers can extend beyond baby-making. Think about your "idea-babies". What are you dreaming into being? Who are your co-creative partners? This is a potent time for you to focus your conception energy on what you want to manifest in your life right now. Think collaboration and co-creation.

A lot of Women in my community come to me asking me why they just don’t line up with the traditional cycle of bleeding with the new moon and ovulating with the full moon.

The ask me if it is better to bleed on the Full Moon or on the New Moon.

They wonder if there’s something wrong.

... As I've been a lifelong full moon bleeder myself, I can say that there is no right or wrong when it comes to this knowledge, just information of where you are at currently in your life journey.

And when it comes to Ovulating in the darkness of the New Moon and bleeding in the fertility of the Earth... things can get really intense and charged with significance.

Ovulating with the new moon and bleeding with the full moon is called the Red Moon cycle, and it’s the cycle of the archetypal Wild Woman: the healer, the sex priestess, the wisdom keeper.

Historically, menstruating with the full moon indicated an energy that was considered suspect...

The Healer – the woman who knew how to wield healing power and sex magic – was also seen as a seductress and enchantress. This was the kind of woman whose sexuality was applied to something other than the formation of the next generation. 

These women were not focusing their feminine energies solely to give birth to children. Their energy was used also to empower other women and light a torch in the darkness for their communities.

And this, to our patriarchal ancestors, meant an ‘evil and impure woman.’

In truth, the Red Moon cycle belonged to the medicine women, the midwives, the wisdom keepers of the community.

These women are focused on the transformation of the collective and service to the world, bravely shining their fertile, bright, ovulating light during times of darkness for others.

When they are menstruating, the moon would be full, which invites to stay awake, aware, and present with our own darkness.

So if you bleed with the full moon, your energy is focused on self-actualization, and on using that self-actualization to evolution, revolution, and expansion.

If you’re on a Red Moon Cycle, you might want to ask yourself:

  • Do you desire self-exploration and self-expression?
  • Has your role of mothering children finished?
  • Is child-rearing a role you’re postponing for the future or not planning on at all?
  • Do you feel called to be a healer or wisdom-sharer, to dive deep into your depths to develop your self-awareness and then turn that energy outward to help others?


Red Moon Cycle can be a highly potent, and exhausting time.

When you follow your intuition, it’s a gut instinct so strong it leaves no room for your mind to argue or dismiss. Everything clicks into place when you follow this inner knowing. But before it kicks in you’re usually in the dark–in the mysterious unknown where you simply don’t have all (or any) of the answers. What has your intuition been whispering–or screaming–at you lately?

Getting your period between the new and full moons can be indicative of a expansive transitional phase in your life. You’re a Pink Moon woman if your period falls on or near the waxing crescent moon, and this can mean you’re growing toward something bigger, fuller, bolder, brighter.

The waxing crescent moon is aligned with the Maiden archetype: the blossoming Go-Getter, full of new enthusiasm, mental clarity, and physical vigour, ready to go forth and take on what she desires in the world.

Think of the moon in its waxing phase: it’s not the new moon anymore, but it’s not the full moon yet either. It’s blooming and rising towards a vibrant and fuller direction.

As a Pink Moon Woman, you may be tapping in a new stage of self-discovery: Who am I? Who am I becoming? What am I here for and how can I fulfil that purpose?

You may be in a new phase of growing deeper into womanhood, letting go a version of yourself that no longer serves you and embracing change.

You may feel ready to take bold risks toward the future you desire.

If you’re getting your period with the waxing moon, you may ask yourself:

  • Are you in a time of expansive transition in your life?
  • Are you desiring to follow a more unconventional path?
  • Are you leaving a part of you behind, and stepping in a fuller, more mature version of who you are?
  • Are you feeling a drive to step out into the world and do something daring?


Freedom is essential to the Pink Moon Cycle. You’re on the leading edge and going toward an expansive sense of purpose and meaning in your expression of self. If you feel the impulse to act without giving it a lot of thought, make sure you pause during your menstrual period to meditate with your Wise Woman energy so you can ground your go-getting instincts into some mindful wisdom.

This can mean a quiet stage of self-reflection and self-discovery, a deeper descent into your inner wisdom, or metamorphosis toward a life stage where you wield your feminine powers in new and more potent ways.

The waning moon is aligned with the Enchantress archetype: a wild, fierce, powerful energy that can be deeply spiritual and internal.

Think Autumn: the blustery season when the days grow darker and all of nature sheds what it no longer needs. 

And think the waning moon itself: growing slimmer, withdrawing, moving steadily toward the inner landscape of darkness.

If you’ve been menstruating with the waning moon, you may be opening towards a new stage of self-discovery.

Who am I now? Who am I becoming? What am I here for and how can I fulfill that purpose?

Maybe you’re desiring more meaning from your work and personal life, stepping into a more powerful and rooted expression of you, perhaps experiencing or yearning for a sexual awakening. Maybe you’re changing careers. Maybe you just had a breakup. Maybe your children are becoming more independent and you’re letting go and figuring out where to invest your energies now.

If you’re getting your period with the waning moon, ask yourself:

  • Are you in a time of deep inner transition in your life?
  • Do you find yourself contemplating on where you’ve come in your life so far?
  • Are you feeling a pull inward, a withdrawal from outward expression in the world and a desire to get quiet and dig deeper?
  • Are you yearning for deeper purpose and meaning in your work in the world?
  • Are you claiming your sexual and sensual power as a woman and redefining how you express your sensual self?


Like the caterpillar who first disintegrates in her cocoon, before you transform into the complete and fluttering butterfly you may need to descend into a deep period of reflection on your Purple Moon cycle. This is not an outward transformation at first.

It is deeply internal and demands you pull away from the mundane tasks of life to dismantle your old identity and give way to a new self that’s more reflective of who (and where) you are now. Make sure to let the people around you be aware of this inner process of yours, communication is key.


As with all of the menstrual-moon cycles, the connection is not about fixed rules but about noticing and inquiring on the information your body is sending you, asking yourself what your cycle pattern could mean for you.

And remember, this can change from month to month as you transition through different phases of your life - none of this is ever fixed but it's a general guideline that can help you understand better what your period might be telling you.

Written by Jasmine Alicia Carter

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