At Sacred Woman we do everything in our heart to make you have the highest quality experience and receive your precious orders safely and intact.

Since we do place a high intentionality and are extremely responsable behind everything that we do, we also like to educate our customers on how to be responsible themselves when shopping with us.

All your orders ship from Spain and have been through our quality control.

Please note that crystals come from the Earth and they likely will have inclusions, slight micro-cracks, textures and variations in color ─ all of which are absolutely normal and incredibly poetic. Each stone is absolutely unique and no two will look the alike.

This is exactly what makes crystals such incredible gifts from the Earth.

Just think of how long does it take for crystals to form. Depending on the size and type of stone, the process can take as little as a few months to maybe a thousand years. Most of these crystals were formed over a million years ago inside the Earth’s crust.

Given this information, Sacred Woman does not take responsibility if you are not satisfied with the look, feel, and/or color of the crystal you have purchased.

Due to the nature of these products, ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

If your order does carry some imperfections or errors, you will find instructions on how to proceed further down in this section.


All customers are responsible for monitoring their tracking link, that was emailed upon shipment, to ensure the delivery arrives to its destination.

International customers especially must keep a close eye on the tracking link to ensure the delivery is not returned to us.

If the order is returned to us, the client will take full responsibility in paying the shipping costs again.

Please note that we DO NOT offer refunds when an order is processed and you move from your shipping location and are not able to retrieve it.

If you do have an issue with your order please read the following for instructions on how we can help!


Orders generally are processed within the 3-5 days time frame (during holiday seasons or during sales it might take longer). Please double check your order confirmation that was emailed when you completed your purchase to ensure you have ordered the correct shape, size and mineral you desire and inserted the right shipping address.

If you have made an error in purchasing the wrong crystal email within 24 hours to request to have your ordered updated.

Beyond 24 hours, your item may be shipped out, and is not eligible to cancel, return or refund. Sacred Woman is not responsible for customer order errors.

If you did not receive an email confirmation upon placing your order, please check all spam folders. If you still cannot locate the email you may have entered your email incorrectly in which case Sacred Woman will not be held responsible if the incorrect product was ordered.

To update your email address in our system, receive your order confirmation and shipment tracking information email the us your order number and correct email address to


We suggest you take time and space to open your package under the sunlight both to meet and greet your stone but also to check your crystal for any eventual damages or if you have received a wrong product!


If your delivery arrives and you believe it to be damaged, we require this to be reported within 48 hours of delivery being received. Email us your order number, item(s) you ordered and include well-lit, in-focus, photos showing the damage of the shipment package and the crystal.

These images will be used to file an insurance claim with the postal currier and can take up to 2 months to be resolved. Please email us at so we can rectify this situation.


If you have not received your delivery, first check your tracking link to monitor where the package may be. You must visit and/or call your local post office to inquire as to where the package is. Lost or stolen mail must be reported to us as soon as you realize it’s late.

On the very rare occasion, parcels may get lost or stolen. In these situations we lodge an investigation with UPS to put in an insurance claim, which can take up to 2 months. If you have tracked your parcel and it outlines being ‘delivered’, but is missing from your door step or letter box, please contact your local post office facility as it may still be in transit or being re-delivered. Please email us at so we can rectify this situation.


Due to the nature of the crystal products, all sales are final.

We do not offer returns, even if the delivery is unopened. Once the crystals have shipped they will never be re-shipped to another customer. This is so every new crystal is only ever owned by that customer. 

Replacements are only awarded in the event that we have shipped you the wrong item and/or the item is approved as defective.


If your delivery arrives and you believe it to be defective, please report it within 48 hours of your delivery being received.
Email us your order number, item(s) you ordered and include well-lit, in-focus, photos showing the defective crystal. These images will be used to share with our shipping sisters.

As mentioned above, crystals will have: inclusions, slight micro-cracks, textures and variations in color - all of which are normal. It is important to note, they are not made of glass or plastic. Meaning each one is unique and no two will look the alike and there are some rare conditions like. that are out of our control. This is what makes crystals such incredible gifts from Mother Earth.

We do not take responsibility if you are not satisfied with the look, feel, and/or color of the crystal you have purchased and if you are truly unhappy with your crystals, or if it has significant damage, a replacement or store credit may be offered.


Crystals need proper tending, and if you do so, they can last a lifetime. It is absolutely relevant that there are no conditions of thermal shocks (if you water it with too hot water, the crystal WILL crack/break), keep it stored in a safe space and be careful where and how you place it.

If a crystal breaks even if you kept it well, it might be a hard pill to swallow at first but we propose that it may be a blessing in disguise.

Crystals can take energy and transmute it for us so when a crystal breaks it means that stuck or very intense energy has been moved.

If you are someone on the fence in choosing between a Quartz crystal and an Obsidian, please opt for the obsidian, as the energy of the quartz is very subtle and it can easily lead to breaking if the denser energy has not been processed through a denser stone.

When a wand breaks the best thing you can do with a broken crystal is to give it back to the Earth. Feel out a place that is resonant to you and your home, place an intention and ask the earth to accept this offering.

You can bury the crystal somewhere special or simply place it in your garden, the key is to lovingly give the mineral back to the Earth.

And if you'd like to continue your journey with our Yoni crystals, please email us at to receive a special discount to purchase your next crystal!


If the parcel cannot be delivered due to the customers error, or if a customer refuses to pay the required customs/import fees applicable to their country, fails to arrange delivery with the courier company or fails to pick up the parcel from the collection point and the parcel becomes returned to sender (RTS), Sacred Woman will contact the customer with advice on the cost for another shipment.

The customer will be charged for re-shipment and it is the customers responsibility to make payment and provide the true and correct address, as well as collecting their parcel from the collection point, if applicable.

If the customer has changed their mind on their purchase and does not want their order to be re-shipped, a store credit will be offered, less the Return To Sender fee (and less any original shipping costs, if applicable).


If your order is on ‘pre-order’, it means we don’t have the item in stock and are waiting for it to arrive to our warehouse.

Please refer to the approximate dispatch date on your product.

If you order items that both are available/ in stock, as well as on pre-order, we will send your products all at once. You will not receive your orders in two separate parcels. So if you want to receive your order quickly, do not order items on ‘pre-order’.

Pre-order expected dates of dispatch may also change , due to our suppliers shipping status.

You are able to email us at and offer to pay a second shipping fee to pay for shipping two packages separately.