As we are proud to state that most of our suppliers and miners do take care of the environment and abide by practices of retrieving the minerals in the most sustainable way (through proper waste disposal and proper site inspections), we are aware that most big mining industries do not take this into account, at all.

Please refer to the page where we explain our stance on our Standards, Ethics and Sustainability here.

Given that the demand has increased exponentially over the last decade, mining pollution has become a serious stress issue for the environment. 

However, one big solution among others to mining pollution we have found is both afforestation and reforestation practices: trees and plants are being either sown in an areas where there were no trees before thus creating a new forests, or replanting trees in areas that have been affected by natural and unnatural disturbances.

Reason why there was a huge desire to cooperate with an authority in planting trees to compensate the mining pollution in the world.

Although we couldn't get an official partnership, we do have received an agreement from Eden Reforestation Projects by January 2023 to contribute to their foundation. 

This means we now donate at least 1 TREE (usually more) per every order you make in our Sacred Woman Shop.

We want to thank Eden Reforestation Projects for all their good work they do and the ability for us so to make a contribution towards making the world a better place: by planting trees and giving back to the Earth what she is so generously and unconditionally giving to us.

Eden not only plants trees, but they bring labour to whole villages.

By hiring the local villagers to plant trees and maintain the grounds gives them a consistent income so they can provide food, money and safety for their families.

As the reforestation effort goes on, healthy forests begin to emerge and the negative effects of deforestation can begin to disappear.