"When women remember to return their blood to the Earth,
men will remember to cry and will no longer need to spill blood in war."

There once was a time when the world revered the bleed of a woman as a holy opening...

Young girls would be embraced by the women of the village, taken into nature during the days and nights of her first bleed and taught the mysteries of womanhood.

Temples were built and her bleed was welcomed as an ecstatic oracular channel.

When we remember that our blood is sacred and our wombs are sacred, we return to the magic and wisdom of our femininity.

This alone can heal ourselves, our lineage, and the Earth itself.

The Menstrual Art Movement was born as not only a movement, but also as a safe haven to help women return back home to their deep feminine wisdom through period painting, as drawing with period blood has the powerful alchemy to weave our blood into meaning.

It is a deep healing initiation, therapeutic practice and a personal act of reclamation to end encoded period stigma and shame to instead reveal its inherent sacredness to us.

Started as a healing and self-discovering journey in 2016, Jasmine now empowers and educates thousands of women all over the world to heal their relationship with their periods through period painting, an art that changed her life and continues to be her favourite means of expressing the Sacred Feminine today.

Videos of her work have gone viral and has been featured on major online news platforms like Girl Boss and has done several collaborations with impactful period activist brands like August (USA) and EcoFemme (India).

The Instagram page of the Menstrual Art Movement is a growing community of bleeders who share on the daily their works, alongside with incredible testimonials of how this practice has impacted them deeply.

“First timer here! I saved my blood from my last cycle and last night I started this mandala with my 9 year old daughter. I told her my intention for this mandala is to open my sacral chakra as I have a lot of new creative projects coming up. Also to let go of my feelings of not-good-enough. My daughter said "yes, because you definitely are (good enough)"

I started my bleed today and finished the mandala alongside my 3 year old daughter who said "it's so pretty" over and over. Even when I "messed up" she said those were the prettiest parts :) - by @breathedeeplylovefully


Period blood, is the primordial life force that carries the potential of creation itself. It is the most powerful substance available to us on Earth. Whichever is the relationship you carry with your period blood today, you are welcome to create this powerful initiation for yourself.


  • Use a menstrual cup, or the Sacred Woman Cup to collect your blood;
  • Pour the blood in a small glass jar;
  • Gather paper and paint brush (or use your bare fingers too);
  • Create a painting, affirmation, symbol, abstract, finger painting that comes from your heart (release the need for it to be perfect!);
  • Store the blood for future art and/or dilute in water and offer your highly nutritious blood to your favourite indoor or outdoor plant;
  • Share your Art and your experience with us! Tag or DM directly @menstrualartmovement on Instagram and you will be featured on the page among thousands of other bleeders who have claimed their blood as sacred!



If you desire Jasmine to host an online or live workshop for you and your audience regarding the incredible initiation of Period Painting, she is more than open for collaborations.

Typically a Period Art Workshop can last from 30 minutes up to 2 hours, depending on the necessities of the inquirer, prices may vary.

Topics touched during the workshops:

* In which ways period blood "has been" and "still is" so stigmatised
* What is period from a biological perspective
* What are the natural implications of the period phase (emotionally, physically)
* How period blood was experienced in ancient cultures
* Why it's so important to reclaim our periods to thrive as women
* How period painting can be an immediate and remarkable healing tool
* Therapeutic effects of Menstrual Art
* FAQ's of period art painting (all the most common I have received over the years doing this work)
* Q&A session

Just send us an e-mail at info@sacredwoman.com describing what you have in mind and we will come back to you as soon as possible!


"You held the space with your passion, power and energy, beautifully. I felt the time just flew! It was an extraordinary transmission and I feel we were all very blessed to have had the chance to hear you speak and share from such a deep place. I truly feel you have a great gift not just as an artist but to convey the deeper layers of what is behind menstrual reclamation work and I believe you will find you and this work gaining greater visibility in the months and years to come as it clearly resonates on such a profound level and you deliver it with mastery and connection."- Kathy Walking, Co-Founder and not for profit team leader of EcoFemme Brand

"Thank you so much for organising the session. I am falling short of words to express the gratitude I feel to have got a chance to experience the power and grace that Jasmine exudes and to feel the sacredness of menstruating. It was so immensely powerful!" - Lakshmy

"I just wanted to thank you so much on behalf of us at August and our Inner Cycle community for the wonderful energy and knowledge you blessed us with this week. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to share such incredible art with us and thank you for being part of the menstrual movement! It has been a pleasure learning from you. We are so grateful!"- Claudia, Community Director of itsaugust.co