Sacred Woman has at heart to remind women the timeless truth of their inherent sacredness.

We provide fertile ground to help women return to a state of integral wellness through holistic womb education and very carefully selected tools for women to build a solid inner foundation and live an empowered, devoted and meaningful life.

What started out as a simple vehicle for self-expression and self-discovery from the founder Jasmine, now Sacred Woman™ is a brand that has evolved touching the hearts and wombs of thousands of women from all over the world with online courses, a non-profit movement and a boutique of luxury self-care items that initiate women into the mysteries and embodiment of the sacred feminine.

The Sacred Woman™ brand is born in 2020 by Jasmine as a deep desire to create an impact in the world, to share all the tools, ethos and lifestyle that have contributed to Jasmine's own sexual blossoming, wellness and feminine embodiment over the years, providing exclusively high quality standards, beauty, ethics and exceptional care as a foundation in all her work.


Hi beautiful, my name is Jasmine Alicia Carter.

Sacred Woman is the hearth and jewel of my 7+ years of work and healing in the spiritual, wellness and holistic field.

I am a woman of Italian, North-European, Latin-American and Nigerian ancestry and I currently live and work with my Italian husband, Hri Surya Cillo, an exceptional meditation guide, and with my two beautiful young sons in Barcelona.

The moment of my conception up to 21 years of age was my first massive container for spiritual learning: both my parents were enrolled in the military service and conceived me in the Gulf War in Saudi Arabia in '91.

After their divorce when I was 7, I then grew up in Italy without my father and with my   at that time very strict and emotionally unavailable mother.

This abrupt family separation, the lack of proper emotional care and guidance led me to strive and survive in what seemed like an everlasting void.

The taboo surrounding womanhood and pleasure in my lineage impressed me deeply.

Nobody ever talked about periods, and when they came it was a curse; sex was a sin that would just make you fall pregnant (so becoming a mother was inherently a punishment); a female body was impure and something to constantly judge and shame and adapt to impossible societal standards; pleasure (if any) always had to come after hard work and all men were mischievous and had evil interests with women.

These imprints  along with a very high sexual drive since I was very young ― led me to manifest many patterns of deep hatred and disassociation from my body; they made me make very mis-aligned choices when it came to my intimate relationships; they led me to practice self-harm and suffer from emotional, psychological and physical illness, making me live what was supposed to be my carefree years feeling hopeless and devoid of joy and meaning instead.

I never experienced an orgasm prior my 21-years before using a very sticky, industrial and plastic smelled rabbit vibrator.

In the past I have suffered from recurrent yeast infections, PCOS, Endometriosis, HPV, genital warts, intense PMS symptoms, period pains that would put me on my knees until I puked...

I have countless stories from my past regarding any topic, actually.

What is important to know today, is that I healed.

It was a long and remarkable journey to get here, too.

For almost the past decade I have explored deep layers of her inner healing through very powerful and authentic lineages: from ancient knowledge of Vajrayana and Dzogchen Buddhism, Amazonian Shamanism, Kashmiri Shivaism, Nei Qi Gong, Chinese medicine, Taoism, Ayurveda, Yoga...

To more modern forms of spirituality and holistic methods that accommodated Westernised minds like mostly Neo Tantra.

To modern science like Somatic therapy, Art Therapy, Epigenetics, Holistic Nutrition, Neuroscience.

All these supported me in removing the blanket of fog and confusion that was clouding my mind from never-ending existential crisis. I started to have glimpses of who I was. I understood the reasons of my suffering and transformed those into wisdom.

In 2016 I encountered Menstrual Art, a ritual and practice that was channeled through me during an Ayahuasca Ceremony and become the immediate trigger that initiated my path into womb healing and sacred feminine work.

Through this work, I started to heal my body.

In 2017 I purchased ― very skeptically ― a Jade Yoni Egg, that promised me that I would have internal vaginal orgasms (what even was that?), that I would reconnect with my femininity and my body and my pleasure.

Well, it actually did.

Within 10-days of working with it consistently, I had my first internal orgasm with my parter who is now my husband and from then it only got better and brighter.
I got so passionate of the Yoni Egg that it was the only crystal I sold for a few years!

Then I discovered Yoni Wands and became even more orgasmic and more attuned to my body and my pleasure. I released tensions, numbness and pains that followed me since my teenage years.

And moved by so much enthusiasm and gratitude, I started providing these incredible tools also taking care of the ethical and sustainable aspects of sourcing crystals which became a topic so dear to my heart.

Over the years, my menstrual art became viral in multiple occasions and now became a non-profit Menstrual Art Movement™, and I have been hosting workshops online along with influential non-profit brands that are active in ending period shame and stigma like August (led by Nadya Okamoto) and EcoFemme.

Jasmine has been mentioned in GirlBoss as a leading woman in the Modern Menstrual Movement)

I have trained in different forms of Tantra, Holistic Nutrition, Somatic healing, Art Therapy, Sex Education, Womb healing, Life Coaching, Personal Development, Yoni Steaming, Herbalism, Amazonian Shamanism and I continue to gather wisdom along the way through ongoing work for my personal evolution to best evolve as a human and best be at service to my people.
I am immensely grateful and humbled by all of my teachers past and present who have helped shape my work, ethos and expression.


Ca m’interesse Magazine: Issue n.64
And so much more.