Welcome to the fascinating world of crystal wands, Sacred Woman.

If you are here reading this today, you likely are ready to take your relationship with your pleasure and sexuality to the next level.

Regardless of what relationship you have with your Vagina, these special tools can help you discover a whole new level of self-love and self-care.

In this this article I will explain all the benefits and how these sacred tools can serve you at best and some guidance on how to choose your Wand.


Yoni wands are dildo shaped crystals with various shapes that are intended to bring healing and loving energy from the inside out and can be used to give yourself (or your partner) an internal massage.

"Yoni" is the Sanskrit name for vagina and means “sacred temple” or "sacred gateway".

Yoni Wands are designed in a way in which you can have contact with the crystal while it's inside of you—making the wand a powerful tool for working with yourself and massaging the various acupressure points that help to restore harmony within our sexual and reproductive systems.

As it is known in the Ayurvedic tradition or Taoist traditions, our Ojas or Qi (vital force energy) can be enlivened and unleashed through conscious healing of our sexual energy and organs, thus the yoni wand can be a great way to therapeutically and sensually bring this healing.



Surprisingly so, Yoni Wands are believed to date all the way back to 30K years, so they are not a modern invention as one could imagine!

The worship of the phallus has existed since the Stone Age and a remarkable siltstone phallus was found in Germany dating back 28,000 years and was quoted as being the oldest known 'sex toy' ever discovered to date.

Also phalluses made from stone, wood, leather, tar and even camel dung have all been found during excavations, or referenced in historical text and images...

Dildo artefacts have been found also in Ancient Greece, the island of Malta, in India, Egypt and in Ancient China throughout history.

So we understand that for thousands of years phallic objects have been used symbolically as a means to boost fertility, to ward off evil spirits and as sexual aids.

The term dildo was first coined in around 1400 AD and originated from the Latin for ‘dilatare’, which means ‘open wide’, and the Italian for delight, which translates as ‘diletto.’

 Germany, the siltstone phallus dated 30.000 years ago


The uro-genital and pelvic floor muscles help support not only our sexual organs but all our vital organs too, making this area of our bodies extremely important to work with.

A regular use of a yoni wand can rejuvenate the whole pelvic area, increase sensitivity, awaken or balance your sexual libido, connect you to your feminine essence and tap into your creative energy.

Yep, not a simple feat.

And unlike vibrating sex toys, crystal wands will not de-sensitise this precious area of your body with over-vigorous stimulation, which can lead to another degree of numbness and disconnection.

With a Yoni Wand you can give yourself a sensual, internal massage while you control the speed and flow with your own rhythm!

Empowerment feels sooooo juicy!

Another amazing feature of using crystal wands is that they have deep healing abilities through disconnecting stored trauma, releasing tension and absorbing stagnant emotions... and this is done through de-armouring.


Yoni de-armoring is a powerful technique that targets emotional and physical pain through reflexology pressure point release within the womb space. 

As women move through different events in life seen as “traumatic”, your defense mechanisms pop up by putting on a sense of “armor” to block the pain. The pain, emotions, trauma etc. is stored deep within the yoni, in most cases you don’t even know it’s there.  The more armor that is present the more you are unable to fully love yourself, trust yourself and/or feel pleasure. The yoni is the most receptive and sensitive part of a woman’s body, by removing these layers of armor you will open up the flow of energy in the body allowing you to live a more pleasurable, liberated embodied and orgasmic life.

So when choosing a crystal to work with, you will want to pick one that holds the energies your body is needing right now, and we will see that now here in this guide:




Our straight wands (available in Traditional & Slim size) are ideal for more therapeutical purposes. When you use a straight wand, you are learning to become more sensitive to subtle sensations & energies while slowly moving the wand in & out of your yoni or anus.

These wands have a more "masculine" aspect within them as you are the owner of the experience managing your own tempo and pressure applied in the area that you are working on.

The straight wands are also incredibly great for whole body massage (i.e. massaging the inner thighs, belly, back, etc).


Slim Wands are beginner friendly and are generally advised for those who experience vaginal pain, tension or tightness, for who is a virgin, for those who want to explore anal stimulation for the first time with something that is not too big and overwhelming.

Furthermore, it is also recommended for those who prefer a slimmer penetration, or those who feel instinctively apprehensive about the size of the Traditional Style.


Traditional Wands are recommended for those who prefer a “fuller” and girthier feeling of penetration and orgasms while also having the dexterity of moving through pressure points and releasing tension within the vagina or anus.


Curved wands are designed for more pleasurable types of practices as they enter the Yoni at the perfect angle to reach the G-Spot, A-spot and Cervix as the bulbous tip targets and stimulates these three areas while its lengthy shaft offers a delightful feeling of fullness.

This wand can also support you in your quest towards Cervical de-armouring and is an effective tool to achieve deep cervical orgasms and experience different orgasmic experiences (like squirting too!).


This wand is designed to be both curved so to enter your body and reach effortlessly all your juicy spots just like the Curved Wand, but has also a tapered end to give yourself a yoni massage or yoni de-armouring session like the Straight Wand. Basically you have the sweet spot of having two wands in one.



When choosing your precious ally wand, other than following the guidelines above, you are invited also to consult your womb directly to begin establishing the precious connection between you two.

Place or hover both your hands over your womb space and take a few deep breaths, as you slowly descend and connect with your center.

When you are ready ask HER directly which wand could be useful to work with at the stage in life you are living right now?

Remember that there is no “wrong” wand to begin with. You can also simply notice how your body instinctively responds to each style.

Which style excites you the most?


Are they compatible to use with lubricant?

Absolutely yes! Any lubricant will do, however, due to the natural properties of these crystals we do advise to use organic natural lubricant such as coconut oil, almond oil, calendula oil, sesame seed oil or any water based lubricant.

Written by Jasmine Alicia Carter

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