You probably have already heard about this fascinating tool called the Jade Egg or Yoni Egg and you are curious of what it is, how it works, what makes it so special and why honestly every every single woman on the planet should own one?

In this blog post I will make sure to cover everything you need to know about this revolutionary tool, all the FAQ's, the myths de-stigmatised and how it can best serve your Goddess self.


First of all, "YONI" is the Sanskrit name for vagina and means “sacred temple” or "sacred gateway".

The "Yoni Egg" or Jade Egg is a smooth egg shaped cut crystal made out of Jade used, therefore, for the benefit of women’s sacred temples and more specifically for their pelvic bowl's health and overall vitality.

But not only...

It is placed inside the vagina of a woman for sexual healing, to overcome sexual traumas, to strengthen the muscles, to achieve deeper and expansive orgasms and mostly to create a stronger connection with a woman's sexuality and intimate self.


The practice is said to be originated from ancient China. 

It was used and taught only amongst the queens, their concubines and selected Taoist practitioners and not to mere common people, as it conferred to the women who worked with it so much power.

These women used eggs carved out of Jade to access sexual power, awaken sensuality and maintain amazing health and vitality up until their old age.

It was said that many of them who mastered the technique experienced incredible health, vitality, remaining young and bountiful, with sexual organs in old age as tight and resilient as those of a young virgin lady.

Some believe that the queen and concubines practiced the technique in order to please the king during lovemaking, as they were capable of doing extraordinary things with their vaginal muscles, like playing the shaft of the man as a flute!

However, originally the Yoni Egg was mainly practiced for improving health and vital force energy (called Qi) as these exercises provide more power to the PC muscles (Pubo-coccygeus muscles), to draw the sexual energy inwards and then upwards, this way being transformed into refined spiritual energy.


The Jade Egg is truly an extraordinary ally to strengthen and control the pelvic bowl muscles since you can feel the direction in which the muscles moves more distinctly as the egg moves inside of you.

As we learn to control voluntary muscles in places we are not used to move them, we learn also to control many involuntary muscles in this area as well and...

Well, this is where the magic kicks in.

As you master the the muscles of the vagina and perineum, you simultaneously tone up the lower abdomen which improves greatly your sexual performance and the increase of flow of healthy sexual hormones.

It can also help you strengthen, in addition to the PC Muscles, the urogenital and pelvic diaphragms and the strength of these two diaphragms is very important since they serve as floors to the sexual organs and all vital organs.

On the contrary, when the PC muscles and diaphragms are loose - which is the case of the vast majority of women in the world, the PC pressure will leak out from the organs as they stack upon each other, dropping all their weight to rest upon the perineum resulting in:

* incontinence
* bladder, uterine, or rectal prolapse
* pelvic and or back pain
* pain during the intercourse
* unpleasant intimate relationships
* disconnection with our inner strength and intuition
* Chronic fatigue
* Stress
* Instability of the pelvis contributes to problems which increases your risk of falls and fractures.

So it is vitally important that the muscles and the diaphragm are strong, as they function as seals, preventing leakage of the most precious life-force and sexual energies (Qi).

This extraordinary practice can help reconnect to your body, increase orgasmic sensitivity, help you heal trauma and clear karmic cords if done correctly using the proper teachings and methods (I explain how to do so in my online course Awaken the Woman in You).

And as if it weren't enough...

To sum it up the Yoni Egg can help you with:

  • Increasing perception of your yoni;
  • Bring more voluntary control over the vaginal muscles;
  • Awaken your creative energy (sexual energy = creative energy);
  • Balance and/or awaken passion and rekindles libido;
  • Helps you achieve internal orgasms;
  • Gaining control of the perineum and all groups of pelvic floor muscles;
  • Aiding in an easier pregnancy, delivery, and recovery (*)
  • Aiding in fertility issues as the blood circulates reaching its destination, increasing fertility and preparing a proper healthy shelter to receive a baby;
  • Giving a lot of pleasure to your man and helping him with ejaculation control (!!!);
  • Harmonising your emotions and healing your relationship to intimacy and sexuality;
  • Reducing incredibly PMS and menstrual discomfort;
  • Reducing menopausal and pre-menopausal symptoms, by increasing vaginal lubrication and balancing estrogen levels;
  • Overcoming traumatic experiences of sexual abuse;
  • Gaining benefits also from the properties of the stone per se!


    If you made it until here, it means that you are starting to get quite hype about the Jade Egg and probably can't wait to jump in.

    As this practice is more than safe when is done properly, before you get your Yoni Egg or even start practising I advise you to read below information to always stay on the safest side ;)

    It is NOT advised to be used:

    * During your bleeding days. Your period is time for releasing and resting, better not to add any stimulus which can interfere with the natural biorhythm. Give the time and space that these days required, especially during the heavy bleeding days!

    * During pregnancy. Generally speaking you do not want to interfere in the fetus development as an increase of Qi (life force) could mix up the natural process of the baby tissues creating possible contractions and putting in risk your pregnancy. Women how have already used Yoni Eggs regularly at least 3 months prior getting pregnant may use them if they feel it is right for them, but best to be supervised by a pelvic floor practitioner or an obstetrician/midwife!

    * During immediate post-partum period. Take at least one month to recover from giving birth or wait that the obstetrician gives you the green flag to take up your practice!

    * During severe infections or inflammations. If you are facing strong symptoms from the cervix, uterus or ovaries, then just give them a rest. Take your Yoni egg practice back when the symptoms are lessened or not present. Even though some stones are good against inflammation and infections, since each individual is different is better to be safe and maybe get their benefits topically, locally or as elixir.

    * During Bladder, Rectal or Vaginal Prolapse in course. Certain exercises can actually benefit the healing process but for sure should be done under supervision from your health care or practitioner as without the proper guidance it can increase the harm. In case of a health condition related to the pelvic floor and organs which is not listed, please request an advice to your health practitioner before starting your Yoni egg practice!

    * When there are external Cracks on the Egg. It is good to know that some materials like Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Amethyst have internal cracks that are visible and normal to the material. Due to the nature of these crystals, most stones will have surface level indentations. No products are used during the carving process so some surface level indentations or small scratches are ok if they do not have sharp edges and are easy to clean. However, if the egg starts to fragment or you suddenly see an external and suspicious long big crack then the stone’s integrity has been compromised (which can happen if the crystal was dropped on a hard surface heavily or has been boiled in too hot water). If this is the case, please stop using that egg and purchase another one.

    This is also a reason why I tend to always advise our Nefrite Jade Egg as it is non-porous as a stone, extremely dense and heavy and very rarely breaks.


    Today you can find on the internet Yoni Eggs made of all sorts of crystals and glass and beyond. But I need to warn you to keep in mind that NOT every crystal is safe to be worn inside the vagina, especially for prolonged periods of time. Even if something is available for sale online as a "Yoni Egg 100% pure undyed crystal", it is not a guarantee that this particular type of stone is totally safe to be worn internally.

    •  TRUST YOUR SOURCE. Since the yoni egg is worn inside of the most intimate part of your body, it is important that you only buy them from suppliers you can trust! They should be made from natural and pure stones without chemical processes such as aggressive dye or radiation or the present of harmful minerals. 
    Maybe you resonate with the idea that "what comes from the Earth is good", (putting aside the toxic minerals, of course) but the problem is the HOW the stone is manipulated.
    It is very easy to get fooled by some sellers or manufactures which sell imitations of gemstones consciously or unconsciously (like the ones you find on Amazon, Etsy or Ebay) because sometimes fake or treated gemstones cannot be identified by only looking at them. That is why it is so important that they are certified and recognized through by a Gemological Institution (GIA).
    The Sacred Woman Yoni Eggs made of Nefrite Jade, Black Obsidian, Sheen Obsidian, Clear Quartz, Amethyst and Rose Quartz are all certified by GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and even though the price might be higher compared to other stones in the market, I trust that I provide the best quality for my customers, and that has no price.

    Traditionally women tend to start with the healing Jade, then move on to the Black Obsidian to release trauma and inner blockages and end with the Rose Quartz, which opens the heart and brings lightness (shop the Tantra Trio here).

    You can also play with Clear Quartz energy or Amethyst if your intuition guides you there.

    But generally, rule of thumb, for beginners the Nephrite Jade Egg is the best one to start with (read more in the next section below)

    • TRUST YOUR INTUITION. Choosing a Yoni Egg is a very personal decision, and I believe that every woman intuitively knows which stone is right for her. One of the main reasons to practice with a Yoni Egg is to get more in touch with your own beautiful body, and ultimately with yourself… That means learning to trust your intuition. 


    Nephrite Jade is considered the best stone for basic Yoni Egg wear and practice.

    The most historic and traditional Yoni Egg is made of Nefrite Jade for it's healing and balancing qualities, making the process of sexual cultivation manageable and harmonic. Jade is also referred to as "Dragon Sperm" to underline the power of the stone to work with sexual energy!

    Nephrite Jade is also known to be the best stone for helping to heal the female reproductive system and balance hormones and it is a very gentle and protective stone that shields the owner from external unwanted energy, while working on healing any past traumas or energetic build-up.

    "Where other crystals might stir up emotions as they do healing work, which could become overwhelming at times, the Jade Egg works softly and promotes a sense of balance and well-being".

    And by fact... it’s no surprise that the Royalty of China favoured the Jade Egg over other gemstone eggs.

    Genuine Nefrite Jade is a very hard, smooth and a non-porous semiprecious stone so it is nearly impossible to break or crack if you ever accidentally drop it.

    It also has a high thermal conductivity, it can be easily cleaned and disinfected by boiling it in water and it’s a perfect weight to be used as a kegel exercise aid.

    With proper care, your Jade Egg is like a diamond ring – you buy it once and you can wear it for life!

    For this reason, please know that Jade is hard to find in its pure and authentic form because most distributors contaminate it in order to produce it cheaper. So to make sure yours is authentic you can try to scratch the surface with a pointy object and you will see it won't leave any marks!



    One size is not good for all.

    As every woman is unique and carries her own her-story with her vagina it is not obvious to determine which is the best size to start with, but there are some general guidelines that seem to be quite accurate and are as follows:


    * If you have given birth vaginally twice or more;
    * If you have problems with incontinence;
    * If you are overweight or very inactive;
    * If you are over 45 years old and never worked with your pelvic floor


    * Recommended size to start with generally for all women;
    * If you had one natural child birth;
    * If you have had a C-section;
    * If you never had children and are under 45 years old;
    * If you are a virgin and never had sexual intercourse.


     * If you are an advanced practitioner and mastered using the M size.

    If you start with a L egg and in time you feel that your pelvic floor is getting more toned and you are able to hold it inside easily and move it at command, you can pass on to a M size and then the S.



    Drilled Yoni Eggs have a small hole drilled through the narrow end and you may choose to put a string through it which allows for easy retrieval of the egg.

    Some yoni egg exercises are actually performed with a string and when you feel ready to start with soft weight lifting you can attach the pouch of the egg to the end of the string, and fill it with the desired weight (eg.: using legumes, stones, your keys, etc.). And of course, drilled eggs can be used without a string as well!

    I recommend using unwaxed dental floss to string the egg.

    Undrilled eggs on the other hand are a little easier to clean but you may not have an option to extract the egg as easily as you would with a string.

    But actually on this point some women prefer undrilled eggs because it helps you to let go the need for controlling and feeling in control, so it forces us to listen carefully...

    I highly encourage you to let go into trusting your body, trusting your intuition and trusting the process when practicing with the yoni egg because these precious gems are not just kegel weights – they can assist you on your path of spiritual transformation and true intimacy with yourself.

    The egg will never get “lost”inside of your vagina because it is a closed organ

    ...and there is also gravity. So if you are having difficulties in letting it out, you can simply scoop it out with your index finger or squat and push your muscles out (as if you were forcefully trying to pee) and wait that the egg pops out on its own.

    So whether you are more attracted to a drilled VS undrilled egg it totally up to you and your intuition, there is no right or wrong choice when it comes to how you choose to work with your egg to begin with.


    Before you start using your egg for the first time, make sure that it’s been cleaned, cleansed and charged.

    CLEAN THE EGG. Boil some water, place your egg in a cup and pour the water slowly over it, then leave it immersed in the hot water and a drop of lavender, tea-tree oil or some apple cider vinegar for about 10 minutes. Please be careful to NOT boil the egg. This really damages its healing qualities and it could lead to cracks.

    Note: this cleaning method needs to be done once, before your first Yoni egg use. And then, you can do it every time you feel the need for it (I personally do it once a month, before charging it).

    After using the egg, when you wash it under lukewarm water, make sure to clean very well the hole if your egg is drilled to avoid the building of bacteria.

    CLEANSE YOUR EGG. To discharge or cleanse your egg you can bathe it in a river or an ocean or leave it in salt water overnight (use good quality sea salt).

    CHARGE YOUR EGG. To charge your egg you can place your egg under the rays of the full moon (if it is a Full Moon night and there are clouds or it's raining, it's ok anyways to place it outside). You can also dig the egg into the ground and leave it there for a night under the moon rays.

    CONSERVE THE EGG. Always place your egg in its pouch when not using it. Keep it in a safe place and not in the drawer of your bathroom or hidden somewhere were you can easily forget it! I suggest placing it always in a sacred place, like an altar as the stone really give you its best service when you take care of it.  



    STRING THE EGG. If your egg is drilled, now is the time to string it.


    A Yoni Egg session is a sacred time for you and your body so I want you to approach this time as a special date you take with yourself.

    Take your time and prepare nicely as if you were preparing for a date with the love of your life! Create a welcoming and loving place for your sessions, set up a nice, quiet and beautiful space, where you can work with your egg undisturbed.

    Bring some sensual or calming music (check out my favourite playlist here), some flowers, a nice blanket, incense sticks, essential oils, may help you with setting up the atmosphere you desire to get a deeper connection with your Yoni. It may also feel right for you to have a permanent altar or place where you not only store your egg, but also have your Yoni egg rituals all together!

    As part of your preparation you can even have a warm scented bath to help your body relax and put yourself in a state of self adoration...

    Regarding how much time to cut out for this practice, make sure to keep the duration of your session not too long, but not too short either. Maybe you can have a longer session (1h) on the weekends, and shorter ones during the week (15-30min). If you are a fresh new mother, it could be more difficult to cut off more time for yourself, so if you are able to get time once a week it would be great!

    To sum it up:

    * Prepare the sacred and undistrubed space
    * Have your egg cleared and charged in handy
    * Have your favourite lubricant near you (like coconut oil)

    SET AN INTENTION. Setting intentions is a beautiful process, since we keep reminding to the Universe our goals. You can focus on a specific topic you would like to release or deepen!

    BREAST MASSAGE. Before you insert the egg it's fundamental to warm yourself up first. A great way to do this is with a juicy breast massage with your favourite lubricant or coconut oil. The breasts are connected to our heart center, thus to our vaginas according to Taoist teachings. So when massaged, they’ll trigger the good oxytocin in your body to induce lubrication and excitement and will connect you quickly with your body and it will be easier to insert the egg.

    (In my online course Awaken the Woman in You I share different Taoist and amazing sequences of breast massage that you would LOVE to have in your self-care tool box!)

    INSERT THE EGG. At this point you will lie down on your back and when you feel ready you can simply rest the wider part of Yoni egg over the entrance of your Yoni. 

    You can hold the egg at the entrance of your Yoni for as long as you want. You can exercise the muscles in that area until you feel ready to push the egg further inside. You can use your index finger and make some small circles around the entrance of the Yoni until is naturally begins to open up and secrete more lubrication.

    Note: If you feel pain or that you may not be ready to have the whole egg inside that is totally fine and you must honour the signal. Use your intuition and your Yoni to guide you on what to do next and how far you want to go.

    Instead, if pushing the egg further inside your Yoni feels good and your feel ready to go further in the practice then do so. Once the egg is fully inside you can go on and practice different exercises.

    FEEL THE EGG. Once the egg is inside of you, you might want to connect with it and visualise it inside of you. In the beginning it is perfectly normal to NOT FEEL ANYTHING at all. It will take time to create new neurological pathways from your brain to your vagina and re-sensitise this area. This is why consistency and visualisation of the egg inside of you is key (usually it can take up to a month to begin to actually feel the egg).

    Take some deep breaths, stay present with the sensations and then move on with the sequences.

    SEQUENCE 1. Lay on your back: Inhale and squeeze the yoni as much as you can for a few seconds. Exhale slowly and relax completely. Continue for 2-3 minutes.

    SEQUENCE 2. Bridge: bend your knees and place your feet flat on the floor, hip width apart. Inhale, squeeze your Yoni muscles and lift your hips. Hold up for 10 seconds (breathe normally). Then lower your hips, exhale and release your pelvic floor muscles.

    SEQUENCE 3. Bring awareness to the sacrum: Grab your knees close to your stomach and rock around the sacrum. Start in clock wise direction slowly and after 20 times change the direction anti-clock wise. You don't need to squeeze the muscles of your Yoni in this sequence. With the time repeat each direction couple of times but keep in mind that you should always start your practice clock wise and finish it also clock wise to assist in releasing blockages. The simple version of it would be: Clock wise (20-30 times) Anti-clock wise (20-30 times) and finish with clock wise again (20-30 times). This step should take approximately 2-3 minutes.

    SEQUENCE 4. Bring awareness to the pelvic floor: Turn around on your belly, using your hands as a pillow, keeping your legs wide open and lift the right leg while squeezing the vaginal muscles. Hold for a few seconds and then lower the leg and relax the muscles. Repeat this sequence for 10 times with the right leg and then 10 times with the left leg.

    SEQUENCE 5. Cat/cow pose variation: Bring your knees under your hips and align your hands, wrists and elbows straight. Your back is parallel to the floor, and you are looking to the ground. When you inhale arch your spine toward the floor while your head and neck go up, squeezing your vaginal muscles. Then while exhaling bring your chin to your chest slowly and arch your spine towards the ceiling and release the vaginal muscles. Repeat this sequence 10 times.

    SEQUENCE 6. Squats: Stand with your feet wider than hip-width apart. Bend your knees and squat down as if you were sitting in a chair until your thighs are parallel with the floor. Keep your abdominal muscles tight and your torso as straight as possible without putting stress on your back. Make sure your knees don’t shoot past your toes. Stand up to return to starting position. Repeat. Do two to three sets of 12 repetitions.

    SEQUENCE 7. Microcosmic Orbit: perform this Taoist technique to move the activated energy from your perineum around all of your body. You can visualise a golden ball of light that encompasses your womb and ovaries, that with the inhale will travel from your perineum up to the crown through the spine, and with the exhale will drop again in the perineum from the frontal line. Circulate the energy 5-6 times.

    To help you feel this exercise even deeper you can squeeze the vaginal muscles during the inhale and release them at the exhale.

    At this point we will seal the energy in the Tan Tien (the seat of our vital force energy), which is the space located just below the navel and inside the body about a couple of cm. You can bring both your hands over this space and imagine the gold ball of light sealing in this space through your breath.

    FINAL RITUAL. Removing the egg: to remove the egg you can simply squat, relax and push the vaginal muscles and wait until the egg comes out on its own. If it does not come out after a few attempts you can either scoop it out using the index finger or wait a few more minutes and try to push it out again. If you have the string on your egg you can gently (VERY GENTLY) pull the string while breathing deeply and remove it from your Yoni. You might want to cup your yoni with your hand for a few breaths.

    Calm your mind, tune in the sensations and allow the “practice” to effect your entire body. The Chi will flow where it is needed and will rejuvenate, detoxify, and support you throughout the day!



    • You can use your egg while taking your yoga classes, just make sure to bring awareness very often to the vaginal muscles while performing your asanas;
    • You can wear while you are sleeping! Many women report lucid dreaming, very intense releases or generally a feeling of lightness (if you are a beginner it may be strong as an experience so do this with your own discretion);
    • You can try with some Vaginal Weight Lifting (this applies if you have the drilled egg), placing some weights like your keys, or some small rocks, rice in the bag and tied onto the egg;
    • You can wear it during lovemaking! Yes, it is absolutely juicy to use during sex, and both the man and the woman usually feel a lot of intensity while making love with the stone. However make sure that your cervix isn't sitting too low (like during your luteal phase or just before your period) as it can bring some discomfort.


    I am using the egg but I don't feel it, is it normal?
    Yes, it is absolutely normal since we are not trained to feel our muscles so subtly. It can take up to a month of consistent practice to begin to feel it inside of you or to notice its effects! Do not be discouraged if you don't feel anything in the beginning and continue to practice as the results will unfold very powerfully!

    My egg fell into the toilet! What to do?
    This is one of the main reasons why I generally recommend to dedicate some active time to the practice and not simply insert it throughout the day and leave it there with no awareness, as it gets very easy to forget about it... and these things happen! It happened to me too, in the beginning, and it's not a problem.

    1. DO NOT FLUSH the toilet! As the egg will be lost forever. You can put on some gloves and try and catch the egg.
    2. Check if the egg has cracks or chips.
    3. CLEAN, CLEANSE, CHARGE THE EGG. The toilet is not a nice place for a crystal to be in, so it will need a process of purification, so treat it as if you were using it for the first time and read the steps in the "HOW TO CARE FOR YOUR EGG" chapter of this blog.

    How often should I wear the egg?

    Generally it is best to not keep it inside more than 2-3h straight as the muscles could get too tense and could lead to the opposite effect of what we are desiring for.

    I suggest to practice actively with the egg for 15-45 minutes up to an hour, and then remove it when you are done. You can sleep with it during the whole night as lying down is not creating distress for your Yoni.

    If you have other questions you can make them in the comments here below and I will add them in this FAQ section!

    Written by Jasmine Alicia Carter

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    in the name of humanity and womanhood – thank you.
    i thank you a thousand times.

    Lior on Apr 18, 2023

    Het Nathalie! Generally the more the merrier! It’s like asking when is the best time to go to the gym and work out. However, you don’t want to overstrain your muscles, so every day for 15-30 minutes would be optimal (except bleeding days). If that is too much of a commitment, then every other day. Or once a week. The more you commit to a practice the quicker you will see results :)

    Jasmine on Dec 01, 2022

    How many sessions per week/month is recommended?

    nathalie on Nov 16, 2022

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