If you don't know what Yoni Steaming is... well, it's exactly what it sounds like.

Yoni Steaming also known as Perineal Steaming, Vaginal steaming, V-Steam, chai-yok, or bajos even though it might sound like the next new age self-care facade, is actually a well rooted and widespread universal self-care practice that was performed in almost every major continent and healing lineage of the world - from Europe, New Zealand, Africa (Mozambique, South Africa), Asia (Indonesia, Thailand, Korea), Oceania and the Americas (Hopi, Navajos, Mayans and Q'eqchi' people).

Contrary to Yoni Eggs and other "secret" practices—Yoni Steaming was not reserved only to the higher casts but it was a very easily accessible therapeutic practice to anyone, and the best part is that it continues to be as such today.

We can trace some kind of mention historically of Yoni Steaming from different cultures that performed steaming only with hot water, sometimes water with herbs, sometimes with specific kinds of smokes and coals.

In this article we will be focusing mostly on the ritual performed with water and medicinal herbs, but generally the concept is this:

Yoni Steaming consists in a woman sitting or kneeling over of a warm pot, gently exposing the entire pelvic region to the rising steam that would be funnelled inside of the vagina, move up into the womb and then into the bloodstream to rejuvenate, heal, tone, cleanse, nourish the whole perineal area.

By applying gentle heat and moisture, the Yoni Steam permeates the external perineal region (vulva, clitoris, labia, urethra, vagina and anus) and carries medicinal plant properties into the inner organs and tissues, causing vasodilation which increases circulation to the exposed area, as well as the uterine blood vessels that connect to the vaginal canal, cervix, and uterus.

As with any organ, increasing circulation helps to improve the overall function and vitality so that it can perform its functions more optimally.

The plant medicines are then absorbed into the bloodstream and circulated into the reproductive system where they help to stimulate physical/emotional healing while bringing us in closer connection with the power, vitality, and spiritual energy of our wombs.


Yoni steaming is gaining renown for its potential ability to improve a long list of gynecological health concerns such as:


• Painful periods
• Debilitating menstrual cramps
• Menstrual irregularities (scanty or heavy flows)
• Missing periods
• Long cycles (34 days or longer), short cycles (27 days or shorter)
• Length of bleeding if you bleed for 7 days or more
• Heavy periods
• Pre-period spotting
• Blood clotting
• Black or brown menses


• Pre/Post menopausal symptoms like vaginal dryness, discomfort, hot flashes, night sweats, pain during sex
• Endometriosis
• Ovulation pain
• Ovarian Cyst
• Fallopian Tube scarring
• Vulvar pain
• Pain during sex
• Vaginal dryness
• Fertility concerns
• Low libido
• Can regulate birth control imbalances and side effects
• Can reverse side effects when quitting with birth control


• Prevention and treatment of bacterial infections (yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, cervicitis, trichomoniasis)
• Uterine prolapse
• Bladder prolapse

• Foul odor
• Uterine fibroids
• Cervical polyps
• Ovarian cyst
• Hemorrhoids
• Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) related to sexual trauma, rape, molestation, assault, etc
• Healing from sexual trauma


• Postpartum recovery
• Healing scar tissues
• Miscarriage and/or Abortion recovery
• Womb trauma (grazes, scars, episiotomy)
• Heal haemorrhoids
• Cesarean scar tissue discomfort
• Postpartum urinary incontinence
• Birth trauma
• Prolapse (uterine and bladder)


• Night sweats and hot flashes
• Vaginal dryness
• Vaginal atrophy
• Poor sleep
• Release of old blood residue in the womb
• Lack of libido


• Emotional and spiritual healing
• Sexual aliveness
• Deep connection with nature and Earth

Unpopular knowledge: steam is also used for those born in the masculine form in which case steam would also touch the penis, scrotum and anus. Male steaming may be used for erectile dysfunction, prostate health, reduction of an enlarged prostate, any penile or scrotal diseases, any rectal issues, colon cancer, hemorrhoids.

... And so much more.



So, you kinda get it.

Yoni Steaming has all-round remarkable benefits for the reproductive area... And since it is so powerful, it's fundamental to also know when it's advised to steer clear from this ritual.

Yoni Steaming should be AVOIDED in the following circumstances:

  • Do not steam while you are having fresh red menses. Steaming can likely increase your bleeding as it opens the arteries and the uterus triggering more blood flow. Steam 24h after your last bleed or when there is only a brown residual blood discharge. Discontinue if fresh red blood resumes. ** 

  • Do not steam if you experience fresh red spotting in-between periods. Yoni Steaming increases blood flow. Steam exclusively 24h after spotting has subsided and best to work with a practitioner to ensure that you follow a safe steaming schedule **

  • Do not steam when you experience spontaneous bleeding or have two menstrual cycles in a month (you fall in this category if your menstrual cycles lasts 19 days or less). Steam ONLY if you haven't had any symptoms of unusual bleeding for at least the past 3 months. If you'd like to steam to resolve this type of issue, please work with a qualified yoni steaming practitioner **

  • Do not steam if you are confirmed pregnant, nor in the whole time frame you are attending to know if you are pregnant to avoid potential miscarriage. Steam after you have given birth (or with a trained yoni steam practitioner you can prepare for labour steaming from week 38 onwards)**

  • Do not steam the days when and after you ovulate (this only applies if you are planning to conceive)**

  • Do not steam immediately after giving birth. You can begin steaming a few days after giving vaginal birth, after the confirmation by your midwives or steaming practitioner that the blood arteries are closed. In case of a C-Section, begin steaming 6-weeks after the procedure (after the wound is completely healed) **
  • Do not steam post surgery in the genital area (hysterectomy, fibroid surgery, cancer, etc.). Steam after 6-weeks post procedure, once the incision is healed**
  • Do not steam while you are having an active infection with burning/itch symptoms. Too much heat from the steam can cause unpleasant sensations/discomfort. Steam when the burning/itch has subsided **

  • Do not steam when there is an extremely hot weather.

  • Some may advise to not steam when wearing an IUD (both hormonal or copper) because it can cause misplacements or the slipping out of the device during the steaming session. For this reason it is recommended to only steam for 10 min and no longer. Steaming longer might cause IUD displacement. Steam with your own discretion.

  • Be aware that if you had certain procedures and interventions of birth control, Yoni Steaming may cause the reversal of these procedures/interventions such as: Tubal Coagulation, Essure, Nexplanon (patch or implanted birth control), Uterine Ablation, Uterine Fibroid Embolization. If you have any of these methods of birth control, please back them up before steaming.

** If you are in any doubt about your current condition, please send an email at info@sacredwoman.com to be advised if steaming can be a good fit for you at this time or not and in case, referred out to a Yoni Steaming specialist to help tailor a steaming schedule for your unique needs.


Depending on the reasons why you are doing your steam  because honestly, these vary greatly from woman to woman  general guidelines on when is the best time to do a Yoni Steam are:

  •  Steaming for 3 consecutive days before your bleeding days.
    If you have a 28 days cycle or longer, steam on days 23,24,25.
    If your cycles are of 24 days, steam on days 19,20,21.
    If your cycles are less than 24 days, work with a steaming practitioner for a custom schedule;
  • Steaming for 3 consecutive days after your bleeding days.
    Remember to never steam when there is fresh red blood, always steam 24h after the last bleed or when there is only brown discharge;
  • Steaming once a week, pausing during your bleeding days.
    You can also decide to steam 3 days before your bleed, 3 days after your bleed and once a week (avoiding bleeding days), all together.
  • Steaming for labour preparation
    Yoni steaming should be avoided during pregnancy as it can cause opening of the cervix and cause miscarriage. However, after 38 weeks of gestation, when the baby is fully developed and ready to be born, it may be safe to start steaming for labour preparation. Always supported by the guide of a trained practitioner, you might want to start steaming 1-2 weeks prior the due date, with a 10 minute mild steaming set up (with no heater).

  • Steaming for post-partum recovery
    If you desire to steam for post partum recovery with the Post Partum Yoni Steaming Blend, usually you can begin steaming 2 days
     after giving birth vaginally, upon confirmation by your midwife or trusted practitioner that the uterine blood arteries are closed. Upon confirmation, you can steam up to 30 consecutive days (avoid going longer than 30 days because you might trigger an early return of period).


Now that we've seen all the benefits and contraindications, let's get you set up to start your Yoni Steaming ritual:



If you google search for "Yoni Steaming" you will likely find many sellers advising plastic pots. Please DO NOT steam with a plastic pot. Ever. Hot water and herbs will be tainted by the chemicals of the plastic and honestly, you would never want to have any kind of plastic near your pussy.

These are all alternative options:

  1. Enamel or heat resisting glass would be the top choices in herbalism;
  2. Stainless steel pots;
  3. Crock pots (aka. slow cooker) with ceramic or stoneware pot insert;
  4. Clay or Earthenware pots

Strictly avoid nonstick, teflon and cast iron pots.

And best to get a pot that you will use exclusively for the purpose of steaming.

For us, the most comfortable, safe and durable option has been a metal casing crock pot with a ceramic pot insert, so to be able to adjust the heat and allow the steam to last up to 30 minutes without loosing the steam heat.

This is our steaming crock pot for reference: Bestron Olla



  • Medicinal herbs (get yours here)
  • A pot with a lid
  • Around 1 liter (or 4 cups) of fresh filtered water
  • A towel, skirt or cloak to wrap around your waist in order to funnel the steam and not disperse the heat (this is not necessary if you own a steaming sauna)
  • A towel to wrap around the pot, so that the insides of the pot won't touch the skin (this is not necessary if you own a steaming stool or chair)


  • Put 4 cups of filtered water to boil on a stove (you can also use a water boiler);
  • Holding your herbs near your heart, you can set an intention for the ritual;
  • Place the herbs in your pot, then pour over the boiling hot water;
  • Cover the pot with the lid and allow the herbs to simmer for 5 minutes;
  • Place your pot on the ground in your sacred steaming space (preferably on top of a plush carpet, rug or blanket);
  • Cover your front and back with your towel, gown or cover up in your cloak;
  • Remove the lid of the pot and double check if the steam is too hot to sit over or if it's a good temperature for you (gentle and soothing heat only);
  • Use one of the positions below to hold your Yoni and perineum over the steam;
  • Once you have completed your session, release the medicinal herbs in the compost or (recommended), to really give gratitude and thanks to the medicine of the herbs, give them back to the Earth.


There are two standard lengths of Yoni Steaming: 10-minutes or 30-minutes.
Please note that steaming above 30-minutes is not recommended.

A mild Yoni Steaming session for 10-minutes is advised for those who carry any sorts of sensitivity:

  • Who is prone to abnormal uterine bleeding (history of spontaneous bleeding, spotting in between periods, short menstrual cycles of 27 days or less),
  • Prone to heat sensitivity (night sweats, hot flashes, prone to genital infections)
  • Age sensitivity (who is under 12 years old),
  • Medical sensitivities (birth control such as IUD, patches, implants)
  • First time users.

Steaming for 10-minutes is very effective and helps to reduce any incidence of side effects. In these cases above, also a setup with NO heater is highly recommended for safety reasons.

An advanced 30-minutes Yoni Steaming session is recommended instead for users that have no record sensitivities as the ones mentioned above. In this case you can also use a burner throughout the steaming session to sustain the heat up to 30-minutes. Always make sure that the heat is always gentle and comfortable.



Place your knees on the floor on either side of the pot. If your knees hurt in this position consider using some pillows to support them.

You can also place your feet on either side of the pot and carefully lower your knees to either side of the pot.

You can also steam by resting your arms and head in salutation position on the floor (tabletop position), which is comfortable for pregnant mamas or who has difficulties in keeping a squatting positions for prolonged times.

(Remember to tie a towel or cloth around your waist so to funnel the steam in the Yoni)


Sit on the edge of the bed or sofa and place your steaming pot on the floor between your legs while using your hands to support you so you stay upright.

(Remember to tie a towel or cloth around your waist so to funnel the steam in the Yoni)


Modify a chair by creating a hole or opening in the center of the seat. Place your steam pot beneath it and enjoy!

(Remember to tie a towel or cloth around your waist so to funnel the steam in the Yoni)


If you want to feel truly supported while steaming this is one of the best options. Though buying a steaming stool can be quite an investment, it is a great option for those that can’t hold themselves for up to 30 minutes.

When using a stool you simply place the pot underneath the stool, sit back and relax! 

(Remember to tie a towel or cloth around your waist so to funnel the steam in the Yoni)


This is the deluxe option. A yoni steam sauna is a wooden box that allows the user to sit comfortably over the steam pot and an eventual heater, just like the stool, but the heat in this case is really contained and longer lasting.

In this case you don't need a cloth to funnel the steam because the sauna is already moving the steam upwards towards the yoni.


Make sure to be hydrated before, during and after your steaming session. Make your favourite infusion, have a cup of tea or have some water handy.

In some traditions, steaming is practiced socially and collectively with others. In other traditions, steaming is done alone as a personal ceremony. Since this is your steam session, you get to decide what you want your experience to be.

Generally it is advised to prepare an inspiring, suggestive sacred space and be with the sensations of your experience. You can do this by lighting some candles, putting up some incense, turning on some calm soothing music (you can find some popular playlists from the founder here), or meditate, journal. Whatever you and your Yoni feel called to do during your session.


One of the amazing benefits of Yoni Steaming is to clear out old menses from the uterus.

In order to support and preserve this powerful cleanse to enhance menstrual cycle health, it is highly recommended to observe a proper period care if you decide to incorporate Yoni Steaming as a self care ritual in your life.

Here are some womb guidelines should be used during your bleeding days to assist this process:

  • Prioritize rest for at least the first 2 days of your period, which are the days when you tend to bleed the most and the body needs more unwinding and support;

  • Avoid the insertion of period products that plug the vaginal canal such as tampons or sea sponges (you can have sex with a penis based on your own feelings on this matter);

  • Try to keep the abdomen warm to support good circulation and blood flow to the uterus (use a water bottle, or tie a scarf around your belly);

  • Make sure you are well hydrated and eating more to support increased blood production (go for more soups, porridge, warm and cooked foods that are more easily digestible during your menstrual phase);

  • Avoid rigorous exercise while menstruating.


Herbs are powerful.
The Earth, is powerful.

As Yoni Steaming can likely bring so much healing and optimize significantly your overall holistic health, using the wrong herbs for your body can also cause harm.

It is important to know the effects of different herbs on the menstrual cycle and how they can potentially affect it.

It is important to know the right amount of specific herbs to use in each blend.

Trained practitioners are trained in an herb blending methodology that produces balanced formulas with circulatory, blood tonic, moisturizating, digestive aid and aromatherapeutic herbal properties, and additionally, some blends will need anti-hemorrhagics and qi tonic properties, while others may need more neutral or cooling herbs depending on what is needed to each user.

In Sacred Woman shop you will find different blends that are needed in different stages to contribute to balancing your feminine health.


An all-round blend to support hormonal balance, cleanse, disinfect, tone and moisturize the vaginal tissue and support deep connection with your sacred womb space. Choose this blend if you have regular 28-day cycles or longer. 

It includes herbs with properties to clear stagnation out of the uterus and improve blood circulation, alleviating period pains and minimizing menstrual cramping. 

This blend is for women who:

  • Have normal or long Menstrual Cycles (28 Days or Longer)
  • For who has missing periods
  • Who has periods that are controlled with oral contraceptives

This blend is NOT SUITED for who has short menstrual cycles (of 27 days or shorter) or those with fresh spotting or who is prone to uterine bleeding between periods. 



This is a formula of herbs to support Post Partum mamas, to release lochia, support a full uterine cleanse and help clear any imbalances (haemorrhoids, prolapse, scar tissues, incontinence, etc.) after giving birth.

Begin steaming with this blend 2 days giving birth (after confirmation by your Midwife, Obstetrician or trusted Yoni Steaming Practitioner that your uterine arteries are closed), up to 30 consecutive days (or every other day, for 10 minute sessions each.



This is a formula of herbs to support the clearing of excess cervical mucus and infections or viruses that accompany it. It includes herbs that may help to kill bacteria, yeast and viruses while expelling toxins, reducing inflammation, getting rid of excess mucus, deodorizing and resetting the healthy flora in the reproductive tract.

This blend is for who:

  • Is experiencing active infections with irregular discharges
  • Have thrusts, yeast infections, Bacterial Vaginosis, HPV
  • For who has regular 28 day cycles or longer


This is a formula of herbs that can regulate the cycles of users who are experiencing short menstrual cycles (27 days or less) and stop episodes of interim bleeding /spotting, spontaneous bleeding, 2 periods per month), while also possibly clearing stagnation in the uterus. Suitable also for young users who still have to enter their menarche without inducing pre-term bleeding.




Essential oils are absolutely NOT recommended for vaginal steaming, as they are massively concentrated in strength and can likely be irritating or drying to the delicate tissues of our genital area. It is recommended to work with fresh or dried herbs or water only.


PHYSICALLY: Many women report an increase in the removal of old residue in their menstrual flow, the expulsion of black, sticky, tar-like menses, large clots, tissue masses, dried blood chips and scar tissue from previous uterine surgeries, births or trauma.

So if you experience this, nothing to be alarmed of, it's a really good sign that it is working. Once the old residue clears up from the uterus, the periods are often characterised with fresh, red, oxygenated blood from start to finish!

If there is increased vaginal discharge after a steaming session, you may want to use panty liners or bidet to rinse mucus off the skin.

If you experience brown discharge after your steam session, this is also a time to celebrate. It means that the steam is successfully clearing out old residue from your womb. 

EMOTIONALLY: You might feel more peace and harmony with your emotions. It is likely also to experience emotional releases during the steaming sessions, it's perfectly normal and ok. Welcome the release with tenderness and remember to reach out to your trusted support.


A few recent studies have shown that vaginal touch triggers the brain to release oxytocin. Many women experience deeper sleep, enhanced feelings of love and sexual pleasure, a higher state of relaxation, and an overall increase of happiness and even increased breastmilk production, following vaginal steaming! All of these feelings are associated with the oxytocin hormone, which apparently the relaxation that the steam creates is able to increase.

However, there are certain herbs that must be avoided to prevent milk supply to decrease. Mugwort and Sage are a few of them.


Steaming definitely helps with vaginal dryness and dry skin. It doesn't necessarily help with skin discolouration. If steaming is not contraindicated for you, it is worth trying.


Yes, menstrual blood and lochia blood are different.

Menstrual blood is the release of mucus, tissue, endometrial lining flushed out the uterus through our blood, to do so our uterine arteries and blood vessels are completely open. When the cleanse is done, the arteries and blood vessels close down. This process usually lasts 4-5 days.

Steaming is not advised at this time because during our menses the arteries are open and steaming increases blood flow.

Lochia instead is the release of all residues of pregnancy matter, placenta, uterine linings, but in this process the arteries and blood vessels are (ideally) closed. This cleanse lasts 30 to 40 days.

Steaming is safe and advised only upon confirmation that the blood vessels are closed (usually 2 days after giving birth) to aid in the deep cleanse the womb is undergoing.

If a C-Section procedure has been performed, steaming can take place only after 6-weeks post-surgery.


Yoni Steaming to enhance fertility and conceive happens in two different phases:

FIRST PHASE: consists in 2 months of steaming, generally every other day, to prepare the body and the uterus to host a baby.

The primary intention in this phase is to prepare the body for an easeful pregnancy journey and address and adjust any menstrual unbalances you might be experiencing. This phase of taking care of your menstrual health is crucial to ensure a healthy conception and pregnancy.

SECOND PHASE: after the womb and your menstrual cycle imbalances are ideally cleared and restored, the second phase will be the active phase in which you are going to start trying to conceive. In this phase you will not steam outside of your follicular window (your inner spring), so do not steam during ovulation.

If you happen to get your period and you are not confirmed pregnant (make sure to double check that it is not implantation bleed), you can steam again during your follicular phase, after you stopped bleeding.

When you are confirmed pregnant, do not steam until week 38 of your pregnancy for labour preparation.

The type of herbs you will need depend of what is supportive to your womb and menstrual cycle from phase 1. If you need guidance on which blend is suited for you, send an e-mail at info@sacredwoman.com and we will gladly assist you.


The steaming protocol to release fibroids is more intense than other more routine yoni steaming schedules used for balancing cycles. Steaming for fibroids will likely involve an advanced steaming schedule that may include steaming for three consecutive days after and before your bleed and every other day in-between. Following this initial month of steaming, your practitioner will be able to screen you to see if it is safe and advised to steam daily (except when menstruating) for the intentional release of fibroids.  


If you have more questions that are not mentioned in this guide please ask in the comment section of this blog article or e-mail us at info@sacredwoman.com and we'll be happy to address the question and add it to this guide!


Jasmine is humbled and deeply grateful for her Womb Keepers Teachers that continue to passionately bring forwards teachings, education, expertise, healing and wisdom to the feminine lineages of the world.

A huge thank you to Usha Anandi, founder of Womben Wellness (wombenwellness.com), who is an incredible all-round Wise Womban's way guide and a herbalism nerd who transmitted the depths of the incredible spiritual path that is herbalism to Jasmine.

A huge thank you to the deep knowledge and generosity of Keli Garza, who is the leading figure in Yoni Steaming and Womb Health, founder of Steamy Chick and Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute (steamyshick.com) where Jasmine attained her Yoni Steaming Practitioner Certification (Level 1).


The information on this website is meant for informational and educational purposes only and does not substitute professional medical advice or consultations with healthcare professionals. Steam Practitioners are not doctors and cannot advise or consult regarding medical concerns. Steam practitioners are not pharmacists and cannot advise on whether or not someone can steam while taking certain medications.
Written by Jasmine Alicia Carter

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Hey Nathalie! It’s not easy to answer and find answers because it depends on the unique formula you are preparing/using and the reason behind the steam! Example, my Radiant Womb blend has 5 ½ tbsp in more or less a litre of water. My Post Partum Blend has 7½ tbsp. If a blend is too strong maybe you need less than one specific herb. Maybe you need less amount of the whole blend. There is not a general rule, it’s very much tailored to the user’s needs. In my blends you will have the correct dosage recommendation! x

Jasmine on Nov 02, 2022

So much good information! Thank you.
Only thing i am missing is how many grams of herbs should be used in one session? If you use 1 litre of water? I have noticed sometimes that i make it little bit to strong, but it is not easy find info about the amount of herbs in 1 liter water.

Nathalie on Nov 02, 2022

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