You likely had an awful or even traumatic experience with Anal Sex and legit decided that the door will be shut down forever.

I get it.

Or maybe you have some curiosity about the subject and don't know how to bring this up or how to even start, since it's not a conversation that we have everyday right?

Sometimes, mostly women, are completely put off this practice because they never tried it in the right setting, they didn't have enough time to get properly aroused or did it with someone they didn't felt comfortable enough with.

Plus, for most people, the subject remains taboo like everything sex-related.

So my purpose this video and article is to share EVERYTHING that you need to know about anal play, how to perform it safely and actually enjoy it, and why it should be placed in your love sessions, either alone or with a partner.



What you should know about your precious bum...

Is that the anus you are likely sitting flat on right now, is lined with delicate mucosa that is jam packed of highly sensitive nerve endings, making it a very incredibly powerful portal in the human body, not only for your pleasure, but also for your overall holistic health. 

Just to name a frequent one, this is the best thing you can do to prevent haemorrhoids.


Yet unfortunately, the anus has got a bad wrap and it is societally considered heavily as "taboo", thus a place where we tend to store a lot of fear, shame and guilt.

So... gathering enough courage and start performing an anal de-armouring can really help you become way more relaxed, sexually embodied, make you experience incredible orgasms and you may also notice a lot of emotional burdens dissolve from your life and relationships!

You have to try to experience this.

And the good news is that you can start with very simple baby steps:

If you were to bring your awareness to your anus right now, you would most probably notice that it is tight and firmly clenched, just by reading these words.

Try to consciously relax it with a deep exhale.

Feels good right?

Next homework: next time you take a shower, put some neutral soap on your index finger and gently insert the tip of your finger in your anus.

From here, Taoist teachers encourage to do 9 clockwise, and 9 counter-clockwise rotations.

After that, breathe, take the finger out and wash your finger thoroughly.

And that’s it. Do this every day!

Not too bad right?

To make this ritual even more simple and effective, we designed in different crystals this exquisite petite size crystal butt plug (a cute 6,5 x 3 cm) for who is new to anal play and wants the support of healing crystals to de-armour and bring more juiciness in this precious area of your body.

These butt plugs have a flared base so they won't go up the anal canal and a smooth tapered tip for a gentle insertion. They also have a narrow neck, meaning that the anal muscles can relax around them and you can keep it inside you while you self pleasure, while you shower, while you even walk around the house or while having penetrative sex.

Some women reach the most profound orgasms through anal stimulation and in some cases even more deep that what they can reach though vaginal penetration. 

Please note:

Make sure to never touch the vagina of the woman with the same finger that you used for the anal play as the bacteria stored in the anus may cause a urinary tract infection, and this is truly a super uncomfortable thing to deal with!


Written by Jasmine Alicia Carter

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