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Transform your menstrual cycle into a sacred ritual with our beloved Lotus Flowers.

This special bundle includes all our four lotus flowers in blue, red, white and pink to support and enhance each phase of your cycle and create more harmony, rhythm, balance and embodiment.

All our Lotus flowers contain alkaloids, apomorphine and nuciferine, that help release dopamine and serotonin to influence our mood and produce mild psychoactive effects that may induce euphoria and support you in harmonising/balancing menstrual irregularities.

It's also a wonderful way to consecrate each phase of your cycle with a ritual that can support you in embodying each phase with more awareness and grounding.


  • May reduce menstrual irregularities
  • Anti-diabetic (DO NOT consume if intaking anti-diabetic medication)
  • Mild sedative
  • Sleep aid
  • Antioxidant, anti-aging
  • Lucid Dreaming inducer
  • Aphrodisiac
  • Natural Analgesic

Red Lotus | Menstrual Phase

Very earthy and bitter in taste, energetically it moves in a downward motion, directly connecting to the depths of the womb down into the marrow of the Earth, making it a wonderful ally and support during the bleeding phase of your cycle.

Pink Lotus | Follicular Phase

Very aromatic but gentle in taste, energetically it carries a refreshing up motion energy making it a wonderful ally and support during the maiden or follicular phase of your cycle. Pink lotus is incredibly supportive for physical ailments, like colds, fevers and flu.

White Lotus | Ovulation Phase

Very floral and soft in taste, energetically it moves towards the heart chakra in an expansive motion, making it a wonderful ally and support during ovulation phase of your cycle.

Blue Lotus | Luteal Phase

Its delicious smell as a chocolatey aroma, with hints of spice, energetically she moves towards the solar plexus area and the crown chakra, it has compounds that can calm the nervous system and aid to anxiety and PMS symptoms making it a wonderful ally for the Luteal Phase.


FOR TEA: Add boiling hot water to a teapot or in a large cup and steep 7-8 petals of Lotus for 6 / 7 minutes. Drink the full cup and top up again with boiling water 2 to 3 times until the leafs become pale and brownish in colour.

You can play in using each Lotus type for a week depending on where you are on your cycle (Example, for follicular use pink lotus for 1 week, ovulation phase use white lotus for 1 week, etc.)

If you have irregular cycles or if you don't bleed, you can use the phases of the MOON as a reference and take Red Lotus 3 days before, during and 3 days after the New Moon to mimic the period phase, to then take the Pink Lotus for 1 week to mimic the Follicular phase, then 1 week the White Lotus to mimic the ovulation phase and finally the Blue Lotus for 1 week to mimic the Luteal phase.

** Lotus Flowers are an alternative therapy and should not be used to diagnose or treat serious medical conditions. If you have a serious medical condition, please consult your healthcare physician first.


For every order, we plant a tree 🌱


Amethyst: Encourages soothing and rest, calmness and clarity, promotes spiritual awakening

Black Obsidian: Clears dense emotions and trauma from the body while supporting grounding and inner strength

Clear Quartz: Amplifier, clears toxins, master of energy and supreme balancer of all energy bodies

Carnelian: Artist's stone, promotes creative expression, stimulates fertility and libido

Nephrite Jade: Supreme sexual energy balancer. Brings harmony and healing to the whole female reproductive system

Rose Quartz: Self-love, compassion, warm feminine energy, acceptance, surrender

Jasper: destroyer of procrastination, activates the juice of life, balances sexual energy and ignites passion

Read the complete Guide on Crystal Properties here



are ideal for more therapeutical purposes. You are learn to become more sensitive to subtle sensations and energies while slowly moving the wand in and out of your yoni or anus.


beginner friendly and are generally advised for those who experience vaginal pain, tension or tightness, for who is a virgin, for those who want to explore anal stimulation for the first time


for those who prefer a girthier feeling of penetration while also having the dexterity of moving through pressure points and releasing tension within the vagina or anus


designed for more pleasurable types of practices as they enter the Yoni at the perfect angle to reach the G-Spot, A-spot and Cervix as the bulbous tip targets and stimulates these three areas while its lengthy shaft offers a delightful feeling of fullness.


designed to be both curved so to enter your body and reach effortlessly all your juicy spots just like the Curved Wand, but has also a tapered end to give yourself a yoni massage or yoni de-armouring session like the Straight Wand.


We ship discretely! Nothing on the outside of the parcel has our branding or indicates that sexual or pleasure-related contents are inside.

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