I first discovered Chai when I went to Saudi Arabia (although it is native to India), to meet my father while he was relocated there for work.

I was walking through a market.. and I was completely enveloped in wondrous spicy smells that were delighting all of my senses.

I purchased several spices from a shop, and the owner then offered me my first ever Chai Tea that lit my soul on fire.

My body LOVED it.

Once I discovered that not only does chai taste amazing, but it’s also really good for hormonal health, it became integral part of my life.

Relevant to underline that to benefit from Chai Tea there should be no caffeine or black tea in it as these elements raise dramatically cortisol and adrenalin (stress) in the body which is often the main root cause behind a lot of women’s hormonal imbalances.

But for the rest, the spices contained in Chai like ginger, cardamon, clove, cinnamon, can help lower inflammation in the body, can help balance blood sugar as well as help reduce both period pain and heavy flow. It can also help with water retention and bloating. Due to the anti-inflammatory and high antioxidant content of all the chai spices, it may help improve fertility also!

The sensual, intoxicating and fragrant Blue Lotus is also a flower that is never missing from my daily rituals... she has incredible health properties and gets me in the mood to begin every day grounded in my feminine energy... so why not combine all these successful elements and create a nourishing latte?

Made with beautiful healing spices, healthy fats, lotus flowers and protein, this latte has all you need to create a perfect sacred feminine ritual that meets and supports your body through any phase of your menstrual cycle.



1 Whole Blue Lotus Flower
1 tsp Chai Spices (Cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves, star anise, fennel, nutmeg, pepper or coriander, lemongrass)
1/3 tsp vanilla
1 tbsp organic cold-pressed coconut oil
1/2 cup Cashew Milk or Coconut Milk

Steep 1 Blue Lotus Whole Flower in one cup of hot water with the blended Chai Spices.

Allow them to steep for 6-7 min.

Filter the spices and flower and add the infusion with warmed Cashew milk in a blender.

Blend for 20 seconds and serve in your favourite mug.


Written by Jasmine Alicia Carter

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